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September 10

06 Sep

FLOWERS – The flowers on the altar are given to the glory of God by Bev Grate.


  • Wednesday – Bible Study 10 am

SUNDAY SCHOOL RALLY DAY – Today, September 10th the Sunday School children moved up to their new classrooms for the current year. All children three years and older are encouraged to attend Sunday School at 8:30AM every Sunday. As parents, it is our responsibility to see that our children are given the opportunity to hear and learn the Word of God. Through Bible stories and studies, the dedicated Sunday School teachers help us with this important task. During the Sunday School hour an adult Bible study class is held and all are invited to attend. Teacher installation will be today during morning worship.

LWML SUNDAY – will be celebrated Sunday, October 1st. We will be collecting mites at the offering areas of the church. The mites are used to help fund mission projects. Please bring your loose change next Sunday and place it in the provided 5-gallon buckets. Let’s make some noise!

LWML RALLY – The LWML Fall Zone Rally will be held Saturday, October 9th at Zion Lutheran Church in Garrett.

CONGREGATIONAL OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS FOR 2024 – We are going to be electing officers and board members in November. You will find a copy of the 2023 Board members and Officers in the September Newsletter. In reading the list you will see a number like this 1-2 next to each name (1-2 means first term, second year). We are getting an early start in finding congregational members that are interested in serving our Lord and Immanuel. If you are interested in any of the available positions (these will end with a 2 as the second number) contact a church council member. Please give prayerful consideration to volunteer, serve and help grow with our Lord’s guidance!

PRAYER LISTPrayer for the sick & recovering: Glee Norden, Rogleio Martinaz, Amy Hestig, Joyce Bell, Betty Heiman, Tim Bishop, Steve Ferguson, Susan Bremer, Angie Hardiek, young relative of a church member who is suffering mentally and parents who need wisdom and comfort.

NEWSLETTERS – October newsletter deadline is Tuesday, September 12th

LWML – Starting September 3rd, money collected from the baked goods on the first Sunday of the month will go to LWML.

BIBLE STUDY – Mid-week bible study will resume on September 13th at 10:00 am.


  • Thank you for all the prayers and cards for Don. They were appreciated.  Bethel Buckles
  • Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your secretary/treasurer for the last 1 ½ years. It was a blessing for me, and I enjoyed getting to know some of you. Pastor has been a joy to work for and has a true servant heart. Good luck to you and your congregation in the future.  Sheila Schaeffer

DONATION DAY – Donation Day at Concordia Theological Seminary is Tuesday, October 10th.  If you would like to donate gently used clothing or food items, please bring those items to Immanuel and they will be delivered.  If you would like to attend, you may do so on the tenth at 8:30 am in the Student Commons at the Seminary.

FELLOWSHIP HALL – While the basement doors are being painted and worked on in the Fellowship Hall, please refrain from athletic activities in the Hall to avoid possible damage and physical injury. 

DONUTS / MUFFINS / COOKIES – If you would like to provide donuts, muffins, cookies, etc. for Sunday morning there is a sign-up sheet on the table at the east entrance. 

CHURCH SECRETARY / TREASURER NEEDED – Sheila Schaeffer will be moving to Ohio in September. She is currently serving as Immanuel’s secretary/treasurer. The church council is currently seeking resumes for her position.

The secretarial position involves basic working knowledge of, but not limited to, or a willingness to learn, computer programs such as MS Word and Publisher The secretary publishes a weekly bulletin and a monthly newsletter, keeps basic church records, attends to other secretarial duties, as well as serving as Immanuel’s cemetery sexton. The cemetery sexton keeps all records related to the cemetery, sells, and transfers, when needed, burial spaces, collects all receipts, and arranges for graves to be dug when needed.

The treasurer position keeps financial records for Immanuel, pays bills and payroll, attends and provides financial reports monthly to the Church Council. The treasurer also attends and provides financial reports quarterly to the Congregational Assembly. Knowledge and experience with QuickBooks is desirable.

Resumes may be submitted to the Church Council. Further questions about responsibilities and activities related to the positions may be directed to Sheila. 

PORTALS OF PRAYER – Portals of Prayer devotional books for October-December are available at the back of the church and at the side entrance.

INFORMATION RACK– last week’s bulletin; extra newsletters; Visitors Packet; Portals of Prayer; Lutheran Witness; Cross Connection; Thrivent Dollars information; Lutherans for Life.

LOOK UP – Looking Up is your first step to seeing past your struggles. Mental and behavioral health issues can be a silent battle. But there’s always hope on the horizon. You can start by looking here for resources, information, and providers.

  • Call 877-257-0208 – Available 24 hours every day
  • Text LookUp to 494949 – Available 24 hours every day

WEEKLY SERVICE AND ANNOUNCEMENTS are now on our website. The service can be found under Family Altar. The announcements in the bulletin each week can be seen on our website under Blog and then correct month.


Worship Attendance:

  • Sunday:                                   62 + Jesus
  • Sacred Heart                           12 + Jesus


Kindness: The more you give, the more you have to give.



  • Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana


Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana offers a free anxiety and depression support group on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. No formal diagnosis is required. The group is currently meeting via Zoom. Email Lacey Holt to sign up at:

  • Mental Health Grace Alliance

Mental Health Grace Alliance offers Bible study books that combine relevant Bible studies, neuroscience, and practical tools to help those experiencing a mental health difficulty to manage stressors, increase calm through rest and joy, reframe negative thoughts and nurture healthy relationships. These books are best used in small groups. Living Grace is a 16-week study for adults, and Redefine Grace is a 10-week study for high school and college age students. Materials are available online.

  • NAMI Fort Wayne


NAMI Ft. Wayne provides free support groups for those living with mental illness and also for adult family and friends of people living with mental illness. Call the NAMI Ft. Wayne office to find out their current meeting schedule.

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