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Week of October 3rd thru 9th

29 Sep

CHURCH OFFICE – If you need to meet, speak, or make an appointment with the Church Secretary the office is open on Monday and Wednesday.  If you need to meet or speak to Pastor Kuhlman you can always reach him on his cell and at his home.  Please note that the church will be locked at all times unless two people are present.

FLOWERS – The flowers on the altar today are given to the glory of God by Ned and Mary Hall.

MEETINGS AND EVENTS THIS WEEK: Monday – Elders 6PM, Bridge Builders and Trustees 6:30PM, Church Council 7PM

LWML SUNDAY will be celebrated today Sunday, October 3rd.  We are collecting mites at the offering areas of the church.  The mites are used to help fund mission projects.  Please pur your loose change in the provided 5 gallon buckets and lets make some noise.

CONGREGATIONAL ASSEMBLY MEETING – Our 3rd quarter Congregational Assembly will be Sunday, October 10th following morning worship.  This will be our annual budget meeting.

2022 CHANCEL SIGN UP SHEET IS UP.  You will find it on the cupboard door in the chancel.  Anyone interested in helping with the chancel please contact a chancel member or the office.


Remember to mark your calendars for the St. James Restaurant’s Annual Fundraising Dinner, Sunday, November 7th at the St. James Restaurant, this year it will be carryout only from 11:00AM until 2:00PM.  Local churches and St. James Restaurants donate and serve a fantastic, full thanksgiving meal, all for a minimum donation of $5.00 per plate.  This is by far the biggest, single fundraiser for the Avilla Christmas Charities and an awesome time for the communities to come together in fellowship.

Thank you to all!! 

Immanuel is asked to donate 23 pies and the sign up sheet is in the east entrance! Please deliver your pie or pies to the St. James Restaurant on Saturday, November 6th anytime and let them know they are for the Turkey Dinner.  Thank you!!

OCTOBER NEWSLETTER is in your mailbox!  Save a stamp and pick yours up today!

PASTOR FALL CONFERENCE – Pastor Fall Conference is Monday, October 18th thru Tuesday, October 19th.

REFORMATION SUNDAY – We will be celebrating Reformation Sunday, October 31st.

BRIDGE BUILDERS fall session begins tomorrow Monday, September 13th from 6:30 – 8:00PM.  This will continue every Monday with games, music, crafts, stories and more!  Learn to build bridges by loving God and loving others.  Bring a friend.  Any questions contact Vi.

OCTOBER – DECEMBER PORTALS OF PRAYER are in the information rack in the east entrance and on the table in the back of the church.

CHURCH IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE – We are putting together a committee to do improvements inside the church.  Trustees are going to address painting, the paneling in the altar area, carpet, pew cushions and any other items that need addressed.  We are looking for congregational members that have the skills or interest in helping them in labor, calling on quotes, etc..  If you would like to be a part of this committee talk to Gary Reichhart, Terry Gienger or Will Kaiser.


We are going to be electing officers and board members in November.  We are getting an early start in finding congregational members that are interested in serving our Lord and Immanuel. Below you will find a list of the positions needing filled.




Financial Secretaries:  2 needed

Elders: 2 needed

Trustee: 1 needed     

Sunday School Superintendent:

Board of Education: 1 needed

Youth board:

Board of Deacons: 7 needed

If you are wanting to stay in your current position for another 2 year term or anyone is interested in any of the available positions contact a council member. Give prayerful consideration to volunteer, serve and help grow with our Lord’s guidance!

AVILLA FOOD PANTRY – Please do not forget the needy people in our community. You may place your food donations in the box in the east entrance.

BULLETIN BOARD – Cross Connection; Worship for Shut-Ins;

PRAYER LISTPrayer for the sick & recovering: Dan Phares, Nash Devoe, Tiffany Lawson, Howard Eicher, Ray Amburgey, Myrtle Bohnenberger, Carole Bishop, young relative of a church member who is suffering mentally and parents who need wisdom and comfort, The family of Esther Grawcock and family of Judy McKinley.

WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS are now on our website. The announcements in the bulletin each week can be seen on our website under Blog and then correct month.

INFORMATION RACK– last week’s bulletin; extra October Newsletters; Visitors Packet; October – December 2021 Portals of Prayer; Lutheran Witness; Cross Connection; Thrivent Dollars information; Lutherans for Life.

LAST WEEK’S STATISTICS:   Worship Attendance – Sunday – 68 + Jesus,

God loves a cheerful giver.  2 Corinthians 9:7 

WORSHIP SERVICE NEXT WEEK:  Sunday: Children and Adult Sunday School 8:30AM, Morning Worship 9:30AM/HC

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY – When you share your learning of the Word with another, both of you increase in wisdom.