Week of March 3rd thru March 9th

27 Feb

CHURCH OFFICE – If you need to meet, speak, or make an appointment with the Church Secretary the office is open on Monday and Wednesday. If you need to meet or speak to Pastor Kuhlman you can always reach him on his cell 812 361-7403 and at his home 260 338-1997. Please note that the church will be locked at all times unless two people are present.
If door is locked please ring the door bell.

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL meets 8:30 – 9:20 A.M. each Sunday in the west Sunday School room. The class is studying Prophecy. This Study examines Old Testament promises and fulfillment of those promises in the New Testament. The school of prophets, the end of the world, and much more. All adults are welcome!

FLOWERS – The flowers on the altar today are given to the glory of God by Steve and Rose Kienzler in honor of the birthday of their grandson Brody.

MEETINGS: Monday – 6PM Elders, 6:30PM Trustees, 6:30PM-8PM Bridge Builders, 7PM Church Council
Wednesday 10AM Bible Study, 6PM Pancake and Sausage Supper

DEACONS meeting after morning service today.

ASH WEDNESDAY SERVICE is this Wednesday, March 6th with Holy Communion at 7PM.

PANCAKE AND SAUSAGE SUPPER is this Wednesday, March 6th at 6PM.

CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS forward one hour on Saturday night before you go to bed so your not late for church!

APRIL – JUNE PORTAL OF PRAYERS are in the information rack in the east entrance and on the table in the back of the church.

SAVE THE DATE!! SPRING CLEANING of the sanctuary, kitchen and entrances of the church will be Saturday, April 6th at 9:00AM. Bring buckets and rags!!

SOUP AND SANDWICH SUPPERS AND EASTER BREAKFAST sign-up sheets are on the table in the east entrance. The dates available are Lenten Supper March 13th and Easter Breakfast.

CAMP LUTHERHAVEN SCHOLARSHIPS – Again this year there are scholarships available to members of Immanuel. To apply for one just write the child’s name, age, camp session attending and the cost. Place this paper on the secretary’s desk. Deadline to apply is April 1st. Information is on the bulletin board. Any questions on the scholarships please speak with Shelia Hovarter.

CAMP LUTHERHAVEN – Have you registered for summer camp at Camp Lutherhaven yet? Now is the time! Invite your friends to have an outdoor adventure this summer! Camp offers great opportunities to renew old friendships or make new friends, all while being strengthened in your faith journey. If you register before April 1st, you can receive an Early Bird Discount! Register online today at, or call for more information at 260 636-7101.

MARCH NEWSLETTERS are in your mailboxes. Please save a stamp and pick yours up today.

CROSS CONNECTION has an ad for help on the bulletin board in the east entrance.

2018 THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS expire on March 31, 2019. Copies of the information are on the table in the east entrance and the table at the back of the church.

An upgrade to the air conditioning system at the church is needed this spring. Two of the six units, the ones that cool the sanctuary and nave, must be replaced soon. It’s likely the other four units will need to be replaced in the coming year or two.

The cost of the entire project is estimated at nearly $25,000. At least $8,000 is needed now to replace the two oldest units that are inefficient and costly to repair.

The Church Council has approved a fundraiser within the congregation to raise the needed monies for the project. The goal is to prevent the depletion of the current Building Fund.

We ask that special gifts to the Building Fund for the air conditioning units be given during the Lenten season — the months of March and April. Place the special gifts in the collection plates or mail them to the church with the funds earmarked for the Building Fund – Air Conditioning.

Over the years members of Immanuel have always come through with generous gifts when a need arises. We thank you in advance for your financial support for the church, which will mark the 175th anniversary of its founding in 2019.

Church Council

THE 2019 ALTAR FLOWER CHART is up! The cost is $30 for the 2 vases. We need October 27th and December 15th. If in memory of
someone or in honor of a special occasion, please make a note of that. Make checks payable to Immanuel Chancel Society and place it in their drawer in the east entrance.

BAZAAR – There are copies of the “Guidelines For Immanuel Lutheran Bazaar” sheet on the tables in the east entrance and the back of the church for anyone interested in keeping the Bazaar going. Please pick one up to review. Any questions contact Sherri and Shelia.

COPY OF SUNDAY SERVICE ON CD – If anyone would like a copy of the Sunday services on CD’s please contact Terry Linnemeier, call and leave a message at the church or leave a note on the secretaries desk.

AVILLA FOOD PANTRY – Please don’t forget the needy people in our community. You may place your food donations in the box in the east entrance.

PRAYER LIST- Prayer for the sick & recovering: Judy McKinley, Dan Phares, Georgia Zimmerman, Donna Gienger , Adele Kienzler, Paul Delong, Don Buckles

HOSPITAL STAYS – Anytime our congregational members are in the hospital please contact Pastor Kuhlman or the office. Also be sure to let the hospital know the name of your church so when pastor checks the hospitals your name will appear.

WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENTS are now on our website. The announcements in the bulletin each week can be seen on our website under Blog and then correct month.

BULLETIN BOARD – Cross Connection; Worship for Shut-Ins; Thank you cards.

INFORMATION RACK- last week’s bulletin; extra March Newsletters; Visitors Packet; April – June 2019 Portals of Prayer; Lutheran Witness; Cross Connection; Thrivent Dollars information; Lutherans for Life.

LAST WEEK’S STATISTICS: Worship Attendance – Sunday – 9:30AM – 83 + Jesus

God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

WORSHIP SERVICE NEXT WEEK: Sunday: 8:30AM Sunday School, 9:30AM Worship Service/HC, Wednesday: 7PM Lenten Service

THE THOUGHT FOR TODAY – Trust in Christ trumps troubles on earth.